• Telford Vape Show

    Telford Vape Show

    Telford Vape Show was hosted by Kevin Hill on 19th August 2017 and sponsored by lovevaping.com.

    The show was a great success and raised £1,425 on the Just Giving page alone.

    Kevin Hill, more commonly known as The Telford Vaper is a husband, father and vaping enthusiast. Kevin works for Sole Mates, a company who provide liquid orthotic insoles at various industry exhibitions across the UK. It was at a trade show in Worcester where Kevin first interacted with electronic cigarettes. Little did he know that this would become a full time passion! To begin his journey into vaping, Kevin was using an eGo style device but did not feel it was quite cutting it in regards to replacing cigarettes. Therefore, he decided that he would stop smoking and move onto a more expensive and advanced mod. 18 months later, Kevin is now a proud owner of a Reuleaux rx200, Asmodus Triad amongst many other advanced devices.

    Many of you reading will have or expect to experience the joyous occasion of holding your newborn child. 22nd July 1997 is when Kevin experienced this for the first time. Whilst looking into the eyes of Joshua James on this date he felt nothing but warmth and love.

    When Josh was merely two years old, Kevin was told that he was not developing like others his age. However, everything that Josh lacked in development was compensated for by the most beautiful and innocent smile his parents had ever seen. A further two years passed and after more tests, Josh was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Angelman Syndrome. As Josh’s condition deteriorated further over the coming years, on 3rd October 2011, the joy Kevin had experienced 14 years prior to this date was replaced with heart break and sorrow. Josh had closed his eyes for the last time. No father should ever have to outlive his child. Kevin did. A day does not go by without reliving the heartache and so Kevin has decided to raise money for four charities that are close to his heart and he truly believes will help others with the pain he experienced.

    Being passionate about vaping and having a large following on social media, Kevin has decided to host a vape show for charity; The Telford Vape Show.


    One night Kevin was finding it difficult to sleep and the idea to raise money for the charities via a vape show was conceptualized. Having presented the idea to a few vendors to gage if this was a feasible plan or not, Kevin was shocked to see the support he had from the vaping community in general. Thus, Telford Vape Show was born. Lovevaping.com, quickly provided their full backing via offering to sponsor the whole event and others offered to exhibit soon after including Doozy Vape Co and Minnon Vapes. Within a few weeks, 19 companies had decided to exhibit with many others showing their support via raffle prizes and other means of support. So much support in such little time provided Kevin with hope that this could be an annual event.

    The Telford Vape Show will be the first edition of what Kevin hopes to be an annual event for charity. Kevin hopes that the year on year the Telford Vape Show will double in size in terms of exhibitors and number of visitors. His desire is for the smaller vendors, be it eLiquid manufacturers or e-cigarette retailers, to be given an opportunity to represent themselves.

    The Telford Vape Show will be held at Cordingley Hall (also known as Caseys) on 19th August from 12-4pm. There will be an entry fee of £2 with all proceeds going to the four charities mentioned below. The Cordingley Hall was selected as the choice of venue as first and foremost it is based in Telford (home of the Telford Vaper) and it is a venue used for conferences and entertainment, making it the perfect venue for the first Telford Vape Show.


    Daddys with angels

    Daddys with angels is a charity that is designed to provide advice and support to male family members who have lost children. Despite being based in Northampton, Daddy’s with angels has social media pages, groups etc that enable the support to extend all over the world. Each UK County has its own Facebook group for fathers and other adult family members making it easier to connect with others experiencing similar situations, in person.

    Kevin holds Daddys with angels close to his heart due to the tremendous comfort and support received after the passing of his first born, Josh. Kevin felt the pressure of being the support for other family members to be overwhelming. He felt that social norms resulted in the need for him to remain strong for the others and this did not allow him to grieve fully. This is where Daddys with angels entered and provided Kevin with support and someone to speak to regarding the heart-breaking event of losing his son. Without Daddys with angels, Kevin has stated that it would have been extremely difficult to see a positive future.

    Great Ormond Street Hospital

    The Great Ormond Street Hospital charity has been designed to keep improving the Hospital for the high number of visitors every day. The mission for the hospital is to enhance the Hospital’s ability to transform the health and wellbeing of children and young children, giving them the chance to fulfill their potential. Donations received by the Hospital are used in a range of ways including providing funds to help modernize and redevelop the hospital, funding children, family and staff support projects, provide funding for research and investment in new equipment.

    Kevin has immense respect and gratitude for everyone at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Josh had regular visits here and it was clear the amount of care and attention he received in a clean environment. The treatment provided by this Hospital was outstanding with efficient treatment and Josh did not feel like he was visiting a hospital for treatment. It is difficult to imagine the great work that Great Ormond Street Hospital carries out for children, and if Kevin did not have to take Josh for his appointments, he would never have understood how much they do for the young patients.

    Brain Trust

    Brains Trust has a prime objective to maximize the ability of each and every individual use their brain to its maximum potential. Brains Trust also carries out or assists in research into and support for initiatives connected with mental performance and also many other areas of research, aimed to reduce the negative side effects of brain related conditions. All members of the Brains Trust offer their services as volunteers and so donations travel a long way. Brain Trust also supports and assists many other charities.

    Chris, a close friend of Kevin, has unfortunately been diagnosed with a brain tumor and having seen the impact it has had on his life, Kevin felt it was only right to support Brains Trust. Chris suffers from extreme headaches, seizures, nausea and tiredness and having witnessed this first hand, Kevin wishes to do all he can to help Chris and others in the same situation.

    Libby Mae’s Little Angels

    Libby Mae’s Little Angels is a small charity formed in 2013 and they work to saves babies lives across the Midlands by raising funds to support all 18 neonatal units in the region. The equipment funds are raised for include ventilators to aid breathing, incubators to keep babies warm and much more equipment. Libby Mae’s recently has donated largely towards the purchase of a transport incubator, which transports more than 1000 babies in the West Midlands annually.

    Kevin has decided to support Libby Mae’s Little Angels because he understands the pain of losing a child and Libby Mae’s help to save countless babies lives. The parents of Libby Mae Sharratt went through the same traumatizing experience of losing a child too young. Following Libby Mae’s birth she was transferred directly to the Neo-Natal Unit, where she was placed in intensive care. However, shortly after it was determined that her left lung had not developed and the parents were informed that there was nothing that could be done to save her.

    Kevin has set himself a target to raise £500 per charity, resulting in a total of £2000. Whilst £500 for each charity may not seem like a huge amount, Kevin is adamant this figure will make a large difference in the four chosen charities. It is possible to donate at the event or those unable to attend could donate on the Just Giving Page. The Main Sponsors, Love Vaping have pledged to donate an extra £1 for every donation received.

  • 20 May 2017 an all-important day

    The End of the E-Cigarette Transition: Why 20th May 2017 is an All-Important Day for Vaping.

    It’s time to raise your head out of the sand. Whilst the ostrich impersonation has its benefits (ruffled tail feathers anyone?) stakeholders in the Electronic Cigarette industry; manufacturers, retailers and even humble users need to know why 20 May 2017 is the all-important date. And it’s not all bad news, I promise.

    Wasn’t it the 20 May Last Year?

    Don’t be fooled in to thinking that the EU changes to the Electronic Cigarette industry have been and gone, and it made for a smooth transition without you really noticing. Also, don’t be fooled that Brexit means it no longer needs to be on your radar. 20 May 2016 simply heralded the start of a Transition Period. A Transition Period, which, in our experience hasn’t been used to its best advantage, and is still going to leave much of the Vaping world in shock come its end: 20 May 2017.

    TPD – What You Need to Know

    The Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD) has a worthwhile purpose, even if you’re grumpy because it is change, and we all hate change. It’s not the Electronic Cigarette industry that needs to quake in their boots – we’ll leave that to the tobacco guys. For the Electronic Cigarette marketplace, TPD is actually welcome news. Let’s take a closer look…

    Electronic Cigarettes were introduced predominantly as an option away from traditional tobacco smoking. Something to replace that ‘need to smoke’ whilst reducing the health impact of harmful tar and toxins, and whilst making ‘the habit’ something far more fit for purpose in our modern instant-gratification world awash with choices.

    Last year there were a staggering 2.8 million adults using Electronic Cigarettes, and it should be noted that the vast majority of these were either smokers already (1.4m), or ex-smokers (1.3m) (Source: http://ash.org.uk/information-and-resources/fact-sheets/use-of-electronic-cigarettes-vapourisers-among-adults-in-great-britain/). It’s a big market and it’s new. It needed regulation. We welcome it.

    TPD - Facts & Stats for 2017

    For Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid the TPD is all about regulation. With such a rich customer-base the industry was seeing some unsavoury goings on, and was disorganised at best. Sorting the wheat from the chaff was becoming a tall order. Therefore, the TPD was the knight in shining armour bringing the industry:

    • Minimum safety and quality standards on vaping equipment
    • Information for the vaper so they can make informed choices
    • A safer environment to protect children

    For manufacturers, producers and marketers within the industry, this means changing the way you operate to stay within the framework of the law, most notably submitting information about your products to the MHRA. This involves;

    1. a) some forethought to give yourself time-to-market, and
    2. b) a cost, of course.

    For the vapers themselves, this means changes in terms of product specifications such as maximum tank sizes and maximum nicotine concentration in your e-liquid. Reviewing the purchasing behaviour of our customers at Love Vaping, this isn’t such a drastic change. What it does mean, however, is that you can be reassured of the quality of the products on offer.

    20 May 2017 matters because although the TPD was implemented one year ago, the industry has until this day to get its ducks in a row and to phase in the changes. This means that come this all-important day we’ll see the real changes in action.

    20 May 2017 – Time to Say Goodbye

    Up until 20 May this year it’s still possible for you to buy electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, and all other vaping equipment released for sale before 20 November 2016 (thanks to Article 30 of the TPD). So if you’re retro old-school, or just a little stuck in your ways and want to buy some time, then you’ll still be able to get hold of what you’re looking for over the next couple of months until stocks have dried up.

    However, if you look to the future, from 20 May 2017 you’ll see a safer industry with detailed product quality control in place. This means the cowboys will quickly find themselves booted out, and consumers can be certain about the quality of product purchased from vaping stores in the UK.

    The Future of Electronic Cigarettes, Vaping and the TPD

    As I mentioned, this industry is still young. The TPD represents a coming of age. We’re no longer doing things haphazardly, and that’s good. We’re now standing on our own two feet (with our heads out of the sand) and for the UK consumer and the wider vaping market, this is brilliant news.

    However, don’t rest on your laurels. Understanding and regulation of the electronic cigarette industry remains inconclusive. Research is still being conducted on the nature of the beast, how smokers and ex-smokers alike use the products on offer, and how this will translate in to the reality of the future.

    One thing is certain – regulation of the market is now here to stay, it’s in everyone’s interest, and if you’re not aligned with it by 20 May then you risk falling foul of the law.

  • This Explains Some of That Bad Press

  • Introducing Love Vaping

    E-Liquid from the UK, USA and Beyond.

    Since its Valentines Day, surely there couldn't be a better day to officially introduce Love Vaping!

    Here's the deal...

    We realise that TPD (for all you TRPR guys, we still refer to it as TPD at LV HQ) is fast approaching and your anxiety levels are through the roof. Where are you going to find TPD Compliant eliquid come May? What's going to happen with those awesome USA made eliquids? You get the idea.. Drum roll please..... [Enter Love Vaping].

    The Solution?

    At Love Vaping we currently have the UK's largest selection of TPD Compliant eliquids from around the world. Here's a short list of the brands ready for dispatch today:

    • At Home Doe
    • Beard Vape Co.
    • Buckshot Vapors
    • Cosmic Fog
    • Cream Puff Factory
    • Clutch Vapors
    • Element Far Series
    • Element Premium Dripper
    • Element Premium Traditional
    • Element Tonix Series
    • Kilo
    • Loaded
    • Logic
    • Lost Fog Collection
    • Naked Fish
    • One Hit Wonder
    • Ruthless
    • Timebomb Vapors
    • Yorkshire Vaper

    And that's not all, keep your eyes peeled as the list becomes even more impressive by the day.

    Surely it can't get any better?

    Yes it can.

    We offer Free UK Delivery on ALL orders. We can relate to that feeling of opening up that liquid bottle, pointing it into the filling hole of your tank, squeezing the bottle.. uh oh. Panic again? No need. Order before 3pm and we'll rush to get it dispatched for you on the same day. In the meantime, lean that bottle upside down and savour every last drop.

    That's not all...

    Can't decide which flavour to go for? We've got a hack for that too. Our Pick n' Mix Offer:

    Any 3 x 10ml eliquid = £14.95 with Free UK Delivery.

    So go on, treat yourself. Add them all.