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Cream Puff Factory E-Liquid

Cream Puff Factory E-Liquid

Delicate, sweet, creamy tastes are exactly what the Cream Puff Factory e-liquids are all about. Inspired by a collaborative effort of Penguin e-juice and the world-renowned vaping manufacturers Ruthless, this is an innovative brand, using their expert knowledge of the e-liquids market to blend and perfect appetising flavours for their customers and loyal fan base. 

Cream Puff Factory E-Juice

Imagine relaxing into a deep chair, putting your feet up and taking a break with a steamy hot coffee or freshly brewed tea, ready to tuck into a soft, cream-filled pastry. If you can imagine that then you’re half way to experiencing the delectable delights of a Cream Puff Factory vape, with 4 gorgeous flavours of Vanilla Puff, Strawberry Puff, Banana Puff or Blueberry Puff.

Customise your Cream Puff Factory E-Liquid

All Cream Puff Factory E-Liquid products are available in 10ml dripper bottles and are produced in an amazing 80/20 VG blend, giving the vaper a serious cloud-making capacity. Sure to keep you coming back for more again and again.

Why buy from Love Vaping?

At Love Vaping we offer Cream Puff Factory E-Liquid with same day dispatch and Free Delivery to the UK and Europe. Don’t miss another morning without these delectable pastry treats. 

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