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Pepe's Churros E-Liquid

Pepe’s Churros E-Liquid 

Churros originate from Spain as well as the South America states and is a light and airy choux pastry, deep fried into a gorgeous doughy dessert. Pepe’s Churros E-liquid have recreated the magnificent taste and captured it within their e-liquids ready for their loyal fan and followers to vape away. You really need to try out this imaginative and mouth-watering vape juice range with 3 flavours available. 

Pepe’s Churros E-Juice 

Pepe’s Churros E-Juice had 3 phenomenal flavours available; Cereal Covered E-juice giving you fruity sweet breakfast time cereal but all day long, Classic Ice Cream 10ml E-liquid which is exactly what is says on the bottle – divine, smooth vanilla ice cream and finally there is Strawberry Shortcake vape juice which takes buttery pastry and covers it in sensational strawberries ready to put you into dessert heaven and you’ll never want to come back down to earth.  

Customise your Pepe’s Churros order 

These sweet luxurious flavours come in the perfect 10ml bottles. With a choice of 2 different Nicotine strengths and 10ml bottles, these really are a must have for your vaping collection.  

Why buy from Love Vaping? 

With same day dispatch and free UK and European delivery, Pepe’s Churros E-liquid will arrive fresh to your door, ready to use with your vape kit. Give your vape tank the treat it needs with Pepe’s Churros 10ml vape juice.  

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