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Cunning eLiquid by Hustler Juice

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Sharp, slick and sophisticated, Cunning eLiquid by Hustler Juice is an e-Juice you’ll want on your side!
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This zesty citrus blend is like an artful twist on lemonade in a vape. Cunning eLiquid by Hustler Juice is a Short Fill eLiquid that enthrals and excites your senses with a sparkling burst of succulent lime, zesty lemons and other citrus infusions. It’s full to the brim with tangy citrusy notes ensure that this vape will never get too sickly sweet.

Perfect for fruit lovers, especially any vapers with a penchant for citrus! Save your pennies on the lemonade stand and purchase this Cunning HustlerJuice instead! You won’t be disappointed

More Information
Bottle Size60ml Short Fill
FlavourCitrus, Lemon, Lime, Mint
BrandHustler Juice eLiquid
Nicotine Strength0%
Volume (ml)50ml
VG/PG Ratio60/40
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