No.64 by Beard Vape Co. eLiquid

No.64 eLiquid by Beard Vape Co.

Greek Delight eLiquid by Doozy Vape Co.

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is the Greek Delight eLiquid by Doozy Vape Co ready to take you on a magical Greek adventure!
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Imagine being gifted a holiday to a mystery Greek Island that you could only dream of.

Doozy Vape Co has ensured you can dream with your eyes open to experience this, with the Greek Delight eLiquid. Santorini? Rhodes? Corfu? Greek Delight eLiquid could take your imagination to any one of these and more. This mysterious flavour does not have a set flavour profile; some say it’s a dessert, whilst others say it’s more savoury. We’ll leave it to you to decide. Whatever it is, Greek Delight eLiquid is absolutely delicious and is just a mystery waiting to be uncovered.

Love Vaping invites you to give it a go and let us know which island it takes you to…

More Information
Bottle Size10ml TPD Compliant e Liquid
FlavourDessert, Honey, Yogurt
BrandDoozy Vape Co eLiquid
Nicotine StrengthNo
Volume (ml)10ml TPD Compliant e Liquid
VG/PG Ratio70/30
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