International vaping laws, made simple.

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#4Where to put my vaping equipment

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), electronic cigarettes can be carried onto the aircraft, however they must be placed in your carry-on baggage.
Spare Batteries
Spare Batteries
Spare Batteries
Spare Batteries
Spare Batteries
This is mainly in reference to Lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly found in electronic cigarettes, so remember to put your spare batteries in your carry-on baggage.
Some airlines have restrictions on how many batteries you can carry-on, so only take what you need.
E-Liquid and Tanks can be placed in the Checked-In luggage, this is especially a good idea for spare tanks and e-liquid. We recommend carrying one tank and a small bottle of e-liquid with you in your carry-on baggage, so you can enjoy your vape as soon as you exit your destination airport, providing it is legal of course.

Getting through security

Batteries should be taken in your carry-on baggage and so you may be asked to open your bags so that security personnel can confirm what the unfamiliar device is.
We’d recommend taking your e-cigarette out of your carry-on bag and placing it in the tray to speed up the process of going through security and into an area where you can vape!
If you are carrying e-liquid in your carry-on bag, you will have to place this into a clear plastic bag and your e-liquid should not exceed 100ml per bottle.
If you are travelling from the UK, your e-liquid bottles will most likely be compliant with this rule, since the introduction of TPD.
To make sure you are not falling on the wrong side of the law in a foreign country, remember to check the law at your holiday destination, by using the tool above.

Vaping at the airport

Vaping is generally not allowed within Airport Terminals; however, some airports have designated smoking areas where the use of electronic cigarettes is permitted.

If you are unsure about vaping in the smoking areas, it is best to consult airport personnel to ensure that you are allowed to vape.

Some airports do not have smoking areas past security so make sure you confirm and if this is the case at your airport, be sure to get your throat hit before proceeding through security.

As much as we love vaping, we do not recommend stealth vaping in the Wash Rooms or anywhere that does not permit vaping for that matter!

#1Can I vipe in-flight?

Vaping on-board an aircraft is strictly not allowed, this is for the safety, security and comfort of both yourself and all other passengers on-board the aircraft. This rule is strictly enforced by all airlines and understandably so!

Top Tip:

Make sure your tank is not holding any e-liquid before boarding the flight, the change in air pressure in-flight, can cause your e-liquid to leak out of your tank, that’s why we recommend carrying a small bottle of e-liquid with you.
In most cases charging your e-cigarettes batteries on-board the aircraft is also not allowed.
As IATA recommends, keep your e-cigarettes goodies stored away in your carry-on baggage.

3 Travel hack's
When vaping abroad


Vaping may be as foreign as you

In some countries, vaping may not be as common as you’d expect it to be. So, you may get a few funny looks! Don’t feel too shy but we would recommend being a little conscientious of the smoking/vaping culture in the country you’re visiting.

Often, it’s just a case of the onlooker being in awe of this device they may not have seen before, so seize the opportunity and spread the good word!


Keep it cool

E-liquid can become thinner in warmer climates due to the e-liquid particles separating at warm temperatures. If you’re travelling from the UK then you can bet that this will affect you - we’re talking from experience!

Store your e-liquid indoors or in the fridge or leave your e-cigarette in the shade away from direct sunlight whilst you’re taking a dip in the pool. If you’re out and about, remember to carry your tank in a re-sealable bag to prevent the e-liquid leaking out onto your outfit, leaving you with a laundry bill!


TPD complaint e-liquid

OK, so, you’ve managed to pack your bags, get through airport security, had a nice holiday with dips in the pool, not get into a spat about how vaping is not the same as smoking, you’ve got a lovely tan and you’ve just put your feet back on the ground in the UK.
What could possibly go wrong?....
As long as you’re not bringing back non TPD compliant vaping equipment. So, remember that the e-liquid you’re carrying back to the UK with you needs to be in a maximum container of 10ml, no higher than 20mg in nicotine strength and registered with MHRA in the UK.
Read our take on the tobacco products directive here

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Please note, the search system has been developed to give you an idea, based on our research, on vaping laws in countries around the world. As you know, laws can change (ahem, TPD). We would recommend carrying out independent research by contacting relevant authorities before making any travel plans and/or arrangements.