Milk + Honey Short Fill eLiquid by Cosmic Fog

Chewberry Short Fill eLiquid by Cosmic Fog

Chewberry Short Fill eLiquid by Cosmic Fog

Kryptonite Short Fill eLiquid by Cosmic Fog

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Kryptonite Cosmic Fog Short Fill eLiquid and it’s more super than Superman.
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If you thought Kryptonite was just the stuff of imaginations, fear not, because out from the cosmos our friends Cosmic Fog have dug down deep and found this gemstone – Kryptonite Short Fill eLiquid by Cosmic Fog.

We’re going to be honest – it’s not for everyone. But not everyone can morph from Clark Kent to drop-dead Superman in spandex can they? Like Superman himself, this is one you’d take home to meet the grannies, with its subtle but present notes of Parma Violets. We’re not quite sure if we can taste watermelon, but hey, it’s sweet, it’s cool, and it has superpowers.

Don’t leave Lois Lane waiting and bag your Kryptonite Cosmic Fog Short Fill eLiquid from our cosmos.

More Information
Bottle Size60ml Short Fill
FlavourCandy, Melon, Watermelon
BrandCosmic Fog eLiquid
Nicotine Strength0%
Volume (ml)50ml
VG/PG Ratio70/30
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