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Marshmallow Crispy eLiquid by Ethos Vapors

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With each puff, you’ll think you’ve taken a bite into a rice crispy treat with this Marshmallow Crispy eLiquid from Ethos Crispy Treats!
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Every puff of this delightful Marshmallow Crispy Short Fill eLiquid vape from Ethos Crispy Treats unleashes a heavenly fusion of light & fluffy, succulently sweet marshmallow and creamy, crispy cereal bits. It’s the perfect way to transport yourself back to the days of those rice crispy treats we all knew and loved! Pack it in your lunchbox, your bag, and carry it with you wherever you go! The taste lingers just like the old days!

Rice crispy bar lovers, sweet-toothed dessert fans and cereal munchers alike, will love indulging in this blissful one of a kind Marshmallow Crispy e-juice from Ethos Crispy Treats!

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Bottle Size60ml Short Fill
FlavourCereal, Cream, Marshmallow
BrandEthos Vapors eLiquid
Nicotine Strength0%
Volume (ml)50ml
VG/PG Ratio70/30
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