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Once news reached the vaping community that the EU TPD regulation would be hitting vape tanks and E-liquid, nearly every vape kit user hit the panic button and started stocking up on pre TPD vape juice. However, with a few years passed since the law has been implemented, those stocks must have depleted. The TPD meant that E-juice containing nicotine could only be sold in 10ml E-liquid bottles. For those who use high-powered vape kits and sub ohm vape tanks, this would involve carrying many 10ml E-liquid bottles around.

However, the good news with the TPD was that E-juice containing 0mg Nicotine was not impacted. This meant that 0mg vape juice had no restriction in sizes it could be sold in. This is where the geniuses within the vape juice manufacturers came into play and came up with the perfect solution, Short Fill E-liquid.

Short Fill E-liquid is 0mg vape juice in a bottle that leaves enough space to add 10ml nicotine shot to give you the strength of E-liquid you would like to use. Love Vaping not only offers same day dispatch and free UK and European Delivery, we also include a FREE Nic shots with every short fill E-juice purchase to give you an overall strength of 3mg. It is also possible to add more nicotine boosters and this can be purchased for £1.49. However, it is not advised to add so much nicotine that your overall vape juice strength would be above 6mg as this will dilute the flavour.

In short, a 60ml E-liquid bottle filled with 50ml of 0mg vape juice (50ml Short Fill) would require one 18mg Nic shot to give you an overall strength of 3mg. A 120ml E-juice bottle filled with 100ml (100ml Short Fill Vape Juice) of 0mg juice would require two 18mg nicotine shots to give you an overall strength of 3mg. For more information on exactly how much Nicotine you require to create your desired E-juice strength, feel free to use our Short Fill E-liquid explained tool.

Many of the leading brands in vape juice have embraced Short Fill E-liquid so you are not short of choice. If you enjoy your dessert e-juice, take a look at Lemon Tart 50ml E-liquid by Dinner Lady, if you like your sweet flavours, why not try Bubblegum Millions vape juice by IVG and if you like your American E-juice try Element 100ml Short Fill E-liquid. With an extensive flavour range in 50ml Short Fill E-juice and 100ml Short Fill E-liquid, Love Vaping are sure to have something for everyone.

120ml E-Juice
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