Twizzer E-Liquid

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Twizzer 80ml Short Fill E-liquid were late into the mint flavour game but boy have they made up for lost time!

2017 was the year of the mint-based flavours but who says that they’re old news now? Love Vaping certainly doesn’t think the mint vape juice is a thing of the past and Twizzer 80ml E-liquid definitely proves this. Focussing on a fruity minty combo, Twizzer has really kicked off here at Love Vaping.

At £10.99 including two free 15mg nicotine shots, Twizzer vape juice really is a steal. Adding the two nicotine boosters will give you 100ml of 3mg ejuice.

Choose your favourite fruit from strawberry, mango and more and throw in a splash of ice and you have Twizzer 80ml Short Fill E-liquid.

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