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Reapers Dream eLiquid by Lucky Thirteen

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One puff of Reapers Dream eLiquid by Lucky Thirteen and you’ll be swiftly reaping the rewards!
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Who doesn’t enjoy the refreshing hit of an ice cold fizzy cola? With a distinct fizziness, and a luscious swirl of fragrant vanilla, Reapers Dream eLiquid by Lucky Thirteen is a premium Short Fill eJuice with all of the nostalgic comfort of reaching into the fridge for a fresh can of ice cold fizzy cola, all the unique satisfaction of that psscht sound as you crack off the lid and all the enjoyment of kicking back for a night in with pizza and a movie or your first game of choice. 

Shake it up, spin it upside down, leave the lid off, this is a cola that won’t be losing it’s fizz. 

More Information
Bottle Size60ml Short Fill
FlavourCola, Fizzy Soda Pop, Mint, Vanilla
BrandLucky Thirteen eLiquid
Nicotine Strength0%
Volume (ml)50ml
VG/PG Ratio70/30
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