Lime Cola eLiquid by The Panda Juice Co

Vanilla Cola eLiquid by The Panda Juice Co

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Fizzy, lustrous and unafraid to blow your mind, you’ll want to get your hands on this vanilla cola eLiquid from Panda Juice! There’s nothing plain about it!
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This Vanilla cola eLiquid from Panda Juice has all the classic taste you crave! It’s a Short Fill eJuice with all of the nostalgic comfort of reaching into the fridge for a fresh can of ice cold fizzy cola, all the unique satisfaction of that psscht sound as you crack off the lid and all the enjoyment of kicking back for a night in with pizza and a movie or your first game of choice. Add to this the subtle but noticeable velvety taste of luscious vanilla and you get a vape that’s just too good not to try!  

Shake it up, spin it upside down, leave the lid off, this is a cola that won’t be losing it’s fizz. The valiant, classic cola taste infusion of Vanilla Cola eLiquid from Panda Juice will instantly have you hooked and craving more.

More Information
Bottle Size120ml Short Fill
FlavourCola, Sweet, Vanilla
BrandPanda Juice eLiquid
Nicotine Strength0%
Volume (ml)100ml
VG/PG Ratio80/20
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