Fresh Mint by Bar Juice 5000

Nicotine Strength

He’s a suave crisp chap, Mr Mint. In his natural form he’s capable of sidling up to even the toughest of crowds and pulling them on board. It’s his cool green vibes we reckon. Whatever, mint is magical. It may be classic, it may not be an exotic heavyweight, but it’s a good reliable number. With the Fresh Mint vape juice, you know what you’re getting and you love it.

It’s about flavour and sensation – that heady mix that invigorates you. The Bar Juice Fresh Mint 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid gives you powerful mint with a gentle balance of menthol that’s just perfect.

Sweet and icy, just how you like it. The Fresh Mint Vape Bar Liquid is sweet and fresh, with the subtle hint of ice you’re looking for.

Key benefits & features

  • The Fresh Mint disposable tastes great but costs a pretty penny. A 10ml bottle of Fresh Mint e-liquid is cost-effective. Just refill your pod and it lasts five times as long as a vape bar.
  • You love all things fresh and minty and want that in your vape? We’ve got you and the Fresh Mint vape juice does that naturally.
  • Mint loves being green and is all about sustainability and a lower carbon footprint. Be like Mr Mint and care about the planet by choosing Fresh Mint vape bar liquid.
  • Enjoy a smooth hit from 20mg Fresh Mint nic salt and you’ll find it’s much easier to manage your cravings.