Grape by Bar Juice 5000

Nicotine Strength

Do you love the silky smooth sugary-sweet flavour of grape but are confused because, let’s face it, it doesn’t taste anything like any grape you ever tasted? That’s because grape flavour, like in our Grape vape juice, is natural but also originates from earlier time Americans when the grapes they munched on weren’t the red and white ones we know today. They were vitis labrusca if you must know.

So, now we’re cleared up your confusion, you can happily and with less discombobulation enjoy the fruity sweetness of Bar Juice Grape 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid in your pod.

For the sweet and strong grape soda vibes that make you a happy soul, enjoy Grape Vape Bar Liquid and know it’s truly fruity.

Key benefits & features

  • Our problem with the Grape disposable isn’t the flavour (we love it), it’s that it takes too much of your money. Go cost-effective with a 10ml bottle of Grape e-liquid as your go-to pod refill
  • As we’ve just settled, grape is a natural flavour; you just don’t eat these particular grapes. The Grape vape juice delivers clean long-lasting flavours of summery sweetness.
  • Lower your carbon footprint by stopping your Grape disposable habit. Instead, be sustainable by using the Grape e-liquid in your vaping kit.
  • The 20mg Grape nic salt helps you manage your cravings by delivering a big nicotine hit smoothly, and without catching the back of your throat.