Ice Mint Nic Salt E-Liquid by Liquidrop

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Nicotine Strength

A mint taste combined with 20mg of nicotine salt makes for an intense nicotine hit and this is what you get with Ice Mint E-liquid by Liquidrop. For those experienced users of vape kits, you will probably know that a mint flavour in vape juice enhances the nicotine hit. Ice Mint Nic Salt E-liquid by Liquidrop does just that.

Ice Mint Nic Salt vape juice by Liquidrop gives you a fresh mint taste on both the inhale and exhale. The 20mg Nicotine Salt present in this E-juice will give you that instant nicotine rush without the harshness on the back of the throat.

If you're a menthol cigarette smoker or even just a fan of pure mint flavoured vape juices, Ice Mint Nic Salt E-liquid by Liquidrop is definitely one to consider.

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