Mango Tart 50ml Short Fill eLiquid by Dinner Lady

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Nicotine Shot to make 3mg
A fresh baked buttery shortbread crust covered in multiple slices of ripe mango is Mango Tart Short Fill 50ml eLiquid by Dinner Lady. The dinner ladies cannot stop unleashing their mouth-watering recipes onto the vaping community. Mango Tart 50ml Short Fill eliquid by Dinner Lady is the latest addition to the menu. For those of you who have tried the others from the Dinner Lady eliquid flavours this is one that we are sure you will snaffle up in no time and those who haven't you will not want to pass on this one.A rich tart straight out of the oven smothered with fresh slices of mango, adds a Californian twist to the old school British favourite. A classic with a twist, all dessert lovers will not want to miss out on Mango Tart 50ml Short Fill eliquid by Dinner Lady.

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