RY4 Nic Salt E-Liquid by Liquidrop

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Nicotine Strength

For those old school tobacco smokers, your search for the perfect E-liquid to satisfy your nicotine cravings stops with RY4 Nic Salt E-liquid by Liquidrop. For the early users of vape kits, RY4 E-juice most definitely needs no introduction. Most early users have also probably given this beauty a go.

RY4 Nic Salt E-liquid by Liquidrop is an immaculate infusion of tobacco with sweet lashings of caramel. This combined with 20mg Nicotine Salt is the perfect balance of taste and nicotine to help you finally pack up the smoking habit.

Try something different with RY4 Nic Salt E-liquid by Liquidrop, we are sure it will not disappoint. It tastes better than tobacco and it has nicotine, it really is a win win!

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