Sugar Drizzle 50ml Short Fill eLiquid by Cuttwood

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Nicotine Shot to make 3mg
Feeling down over the winter months? Then check out the Sugar Drizzle 50ml eLiquid by Cuttwood. It will give you something to look forward to!

Sugar Drizzle 50ml Short Fill eliquid by Cuttwood is like getting home after work in the winter months and wrapping yourself in a blanket, sitting in front of the fire whilst watching your favourite TV series.

Sugar Drizzle 50ml short fill eliquid by Cuttwood has that creamy cinnamon thing going and it makes for the perfect evening treat. The cream does not over power the cinnamon, making it a perfect contender for your next all day vape. The creaminess ensures the cinnamon is not over powering and makes for a smooth vaping experience.

Get through the tough winter months with the Sugar Drizzle 50ml Short Fill eliquid by Cuttwood.

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