Unicorn Shake by Bar Juice 5000

Nicotine Strength

It’s a pure and beautiful creature, with magical powers that aren’t as elusive as you fear. Want that childlike joy of sidling up to a bursting freak shake of milky berry banana deliciousness enveloped in clouds of whipped marshmallow cream? Want to add on some sprinkles of fruity loop cereal before a drizzle of raspberry sauce? It’s not as elusive as a unicorn, but it’s right here in our Unicorn Shake vape juice.

You may have stopped believing in unicorns but they never stopped believing in you and you’ll become a believer once more with the Bar Juice Unicorn Shake 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid.

Believe in the magic with the Unicorn Shake Vape Bar Liquid.

Key benefits & features

  • We do magic tricks. A 10ml Unicorn Shake e-liquid lasts five times longer than a vape bar. It’s seriously cost-effective.
  • Like a unicorn, our flavours are all-natural.
  • We’re good and pure like the best unicorns and care about sustainability. Choose our Unicorn Shake vape bar liquid and choose a lower carbon footprint.
  • Enjoy a smooth hit from 20mg Unicorn Shake nic salt and manage your cravings the fantastical way.