Short-Fill E-Liquid Explained


EXAMPLE: If you want to create a 60 ml bottle at 3mg nicotine, you'll need
10ml bottle of 18mg Nicotine
Adding them together should give you 3mg.
Working out the final strength and what you need to add if you require something different can be mind boggling.
Don't worry though, at Love Vaping we have created a simple calculator for you to use. Find out how many nicotine boosters and which strength of nicotine booster you need to add to get your desired strength of nicotine.

Nicotine Shot Calculator

Volume of Flavoured Zero Nicotine (High VG) eLiquid (ml):
Strength of Unflavoured Nicotine Shot (mg)
Final Desired Nicotine Strength (mg)
Amount of Nicotine Shot to Add to Zero Nicotine eLiquid (ml) Volume of Flavoured Zero Nicotine (High VG) eLiquid (ml): 50ml
Strength of Unflavoured Nicotine Shot (mg)
Final Desired Nicotine Strength (mg)  

A guidance amount of nicotine you need to add to your zero nicotine eLiquid is shown above. You should only take this as guidance.


May 2017 sent shockwaves through the vaping community with the introduction of the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive).

This resulted in the prohibition of sale and distribution of eLiquid bottles over 10ml, unless of course they are nictoine free.

This new TPD law only applies to the UK and Europe.
As you can imagine, it gets a little frustrating only being able to buy small bottles of e-liquid!
The savvy vape community have found an innovative way to continue to fulfil our needs, without falling foul of the TPD laws.
  This simple yet clever method allows you to purchase larger non-nicotine containing bottles of eLiquid.

This is a smaller bottle of nicotine (aka Nic shot, a concentrated bottle of nicotine) and is then added to create your own preferred strength of e-liquid!

The introduction of Short Fill eLiquid allows you to vape the flavours you love vaping without having the risk of running on empty!
An example of how all this ties together is:
60ml bottle of short fill eLiquid (filled with 50ml of 0mg eLiquid)
adding one 10ml, 18mg nicotine shot.
This will give a total volume of 60ml with 3mg nicotine content.


The ability to purchase larger bottles of eLiquid and tweak the nicotine levels using nicotine boosters is a feature that vaping fanatics absolutely love.
You can easily create different strengths using nicotine boosters providing the perfect hit that is not too harsh or too mild!


One important factor is the strength of the nicotine that you add to the 0mg e-liquid. This is important when creating your perfect mix.

A market leader in the world of nicotine boosters, offers a variety of different strengths allowing you to get the nicotine content just right.

With a bit of experience, you can tailor your vaping experience to your own individual needs.

You essentially become your own e-liquid designer.



Looking for a high nicotine hit? The more nicotine shots you add, the less flavour will come through with each hit. This will happen if you want your final level over 12mg. If you are more of a flavour chaser then we would recommend not to overload on the nicotine shots.
Some eLiquid flavours have different effects. You'll find some mix better than others and you'll get stronger flavours with some and weaker with others. Choose your product carefully - it pays to check online reviews and information.
If you go for a higher VG based e-liquid you may find that you must run your vaping device at higher power outputs. This can cause vaping inconsistencies and muted flavour production if you get it wrong or run the device at a super high power output.

Make sure you shake thoroughly. With some short fill eLiquids you may need to do this each time you fill your atomiser. If you don't, the liquids can separate. Ensure the cap on your eLiquid bottle is securely on before going in for a rigorous shake! Welcome to the world of "Shake and Vape"!


Choose a quality vaping device, preferably one with variable power output. Cheap electronic cigarettes tend to be too one dimensional for this kind of vaping. It's worth the investment for an enhanced vaping experience.



Once you've mixed your eliquid with the nicotine shot, shake it thoroughly and then let it steep in a cool, dark place for at least a couple of hours.


If you prefer your eliquid high in nicotine, add your plain eliquid to the nic shot rather than the other way round. That way you can come up with the right formula that suits your needs.


Set the power output of your vaping device lower than normal when you try out a new eliquid mix and gradually increase to avoid that burning taste you get when the coil overheats.